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Meet the future of insurance

Perfectly tailored insurance for the risk that matters most.

Ensuring your loved ones are provided for if you can’t work or aren’t around is a vital part of your family’s financial planning.

Enter a few simple bits of information and Sherpa will crunch your data and design the ideal protection for you.

Inflexible policies. Terms you control.

Choose terms that work for you. No more restrictive insurance contracts. With Sherpa you will be able to dial up or down your level of cover as your needs or terms you control change.

When will it be available
Feature is available after first year of membership. Two changes can be made per calendar year.
Fixed payment terms. Select a payment schedule that matches your cashflow.

Every self-employed person knows that some months bills go up, some months cash-flow goes down. We will soon be launching a feature that allows you to pick a month or two where your insurance costs are one bill you will not have to pay, without losing your cover.

How it works
Premium flex is available 10 months after commencement of policy. Up to 2 months can be selected to be free of payment in any calendar year. Your risk coverage remains intact during those months and your premiums are spread over over the remaining months so you stay up to date.

Zero commissions =
lower prices

With Sherpa, pay a flat membership fee, not insurance commissions. In most insurance, for every pound you spend, 30p goes on paying commission to someone.

Off the shelf insurance policies. Tailored protection around you and your lifestyle.

Complete your purchase in just a few minutes. One simple process, one Direct Debit and because we don’t get paid commissions we have no interest in selling you more insurance, just the amount you need and can afford.

How does Sherpa protect me?

  • We cover the three most common critical illnesses: cancer, stroke and heart disease.
  • You get a lump sum to cover additional medical expenses.
  • And a lump sum to cover household expenses.
  • You only get this option if you also cover death.
  • We cover you for death, and pay out if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • You get a lump sum to pay off your mortgage.
  • A lump sum to cover death expenses.
  • A monthly income to cover ongoing costs for your family.
  • Covered, if you get in an accident or get sick and unable to work.
  • Covered for up to 12 months of expenses.
  • A monthly amount to cover household expenses.
  • A monthly payment to cover children's educational costs.
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Sherpa Insurance Support

For people like you

(38, Brighton. Self-employed designer and mum)
Needed £125k Life insurance for 10 years with Critical Illness cover.
If Sue used Sherpa her insurance cost over 10 years would be £2058 starting at only £14.98 /month plus her Sherpa subscription.
This works out as the same cost as  the best buy on Gocompare as at 3/9/18. However the starting premiums are 11% cheaper.
(57, IT Contractor)
Needed £250k Level life insurance for 5 years.
If Alan used Sherpa his insurance cost over the term of the policy would be £1812.00 starting at only £28.46 /month plus his Sherpa subscription.
20% cheaper than best buy on Gocompare as at 3/9/18.
(45 years old Self-employed electrician)
Needed  £200k Life insurance for 20 years with Critical Illness cover.
If Steve used Sherpa his insurance cost over the term of the policy would be £9816 starting at only £30.48 /month plus his Sherpa subscription.
20% cheaper than best buy on Gocompare as at 3/9/18.
Meet the team behind Sherpa.

We are 15 passionate people, from 8 different countries, speaking 13 languages, and working in 7 different locations. We have ALL at one time been self-employed (and some of us still are!)

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Corporate partnerships

The industry giants supporting your cover.

Yes we are a new company delivering a whole new way to provide personal insurance support. But to deliver this we need the backing of some big businesses. Your insurance cover is sourced direct from the re-insurance market through a company called GenRe. We are thrilled to be working with them as they are one of the worlds biggest re-insurers so you can be confident in the cover you get.
We also need someone to help with the policy administration and claims because when you need to claim, it needs to work brilliantly. So we have teamed up with Scottish Friendly who look after the needs of over 1 million policy holders to make sure your service is second to none, especially when you need it most.